Our Values


We believe that Responsibility, Reliability, and Concreteness are key to develop a committed work environment where people get results and have the possibility of growing from both a professional and personal standpoint.


Determination,Persistence, and Firmness are keys to achieve our objectives. We rely on competence and teamwork to stay competitive
in an increasingly challenging market.


We strongly believe that our people are the most important asset of the Company for thriving and competing in the market we operate in. Involvement, Sense of Belonging, and Sharing, all contribute to increase the value of DEMA and motivate our people to outperform themselves.


Respect is the cornerstone on which our leadership thrives. As an ethical company that firmly sticks to the code of conduct, DEMA always complies with deadlines and cost estimates, while maintaining the highest quality standards.
Respect is also key when it comes to our people as well as the environment. DEMA is compliant with the EU REACH regulation to improve protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals.